Free Kindle Fire Apps

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Free Kindle Fire Apps

Find free Kindle Fire apps that are easy to download from the Appstore directly. Here at, we’ll help you find the highest rated and most popular free apps you can download!

Before downloading any app on any device, you should take the time to do a little homework to make sure there aren’t any surprise changes or features that you may not want available, especially if multiple people in your family are sharing one device, like adult oriented content that would be inappropriate for kids.

1) Read the complete product description (check with the developers homepage on the app if you need additonal information)
2) Check the file size and access permissions
3) View all screenshots and videos for samples of available content
4) Read a bunch of the available reviews and ratings. Getting feedback from other users can be helpful, especially if several people happen to comment on the same thing, good or bad.
5) Double check the price, since price can change from day to day.
6) Look for in-app purchases that you may want to block or avoid if inappropiate for kids.
7) Review other apps created by the developer to get an idea of the general content they are creating for users

What are Amazon Coins?

A feature of the Amazon App Store are Amazon coins. You can spend them on apps, games, or in-app game purchases. You’ll need to learn how to use them, how you can buy additional coins and ways to check your existing account balance for future use.

What is the Amazon Free App of the Day Promotion?

Amazon offers up a Free App of the Day (FAOTD), which is currently available for download directly from the Amazon App store for your Kindle Fire device.

What is the FreeTime App for Kids?

Amazon’s Kindle FreeTime app can be used to setup a Kindle Fire for your kids. It’s free and pretty simple to use. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this service.

Featured Apps

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Kindle Fire Tablet App Customer Reviews

If you’re unclear about an app, one other thing to check is the developer’s name (look for a link under an app’s title and on its product information page) and other apps they’ve produced. If their name only lists “developer” then they have not created or disclosed their company name or it could be a single person that created its.

Kindle Fire App Permissions and Security Apps

To be extra safe you may want to take precautionary measures, like installing additional Kindle Fire Security Apps, which include an anti-virus, browser hijackers, key readers, permission checker, and more.

Lucky for consumers, problems with things like viruses, malware, and spam are not that common right now on the Kindle Fire, but with the flood of new tablets on the market hackers are sure to pursue opportunities with these popular devices.

Security Apps for Children and Young Adults

It’s safest to only download Kindle Fire apps from well known and reputable companies, stores, and sites. If you’re looking for a specific app that’s not available in the Amazon App Store, try the developer’s website first. Sometimes you can download their apps directly from their site.

Side Loaded Apps and Alternative Android App Stores isn’t the only online location you can download Kindle Fire apps, but you will first need to learn to load apps from a 3rd party.

One Other Thing

Amazon and Google do not always work together, so you can’t directly download Android apps from the Google Play Store onto your Kindle Fire. There are ways around this, but you they are not always straightforward and some won’t work even if you do figure out how to download onto your device. Becuase it can be challenge, especially for users that are not extremely technically inclined, it’s recommended to stick with those apps available directly from the App Store.