Let’s Do The Math

By | December 30, 2011
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Let’s Do The Math is one of the best free Kindle Fire apps for mathematics, school, education and learning, a popular download from the Amazon.com AppStore directly to your Kindle Fire tablet.

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Let’s Do The Math – Features

  • Help your child learn basic math with this Android app
  • Focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Solve 15 different exercise types and an additional 50 word problems

Learning math is always a challenge for children (not to mention adults), and Let’s Do the Math helps make it easier. This app for your Android device is designed primarily for kids ages six to nine. It features five units: addition, subtraction, a mixture of addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division.Students can practice each of these math problem types in three different exercise categories, for a total of 15 different types of exercise to choose from. In addition, you’ll find 50 word problems that focus on addition and subtraction.Use Let’s Do the Math as a set of math flash cards, or treat it like a series of puzzles. However you approach it, you may find that it helps your youngster learn math basics more easily.When you’re looking for free Kindle Fire apps and the best free math and education apps to download, make sure to come back and visit us at the #1 free Kindle Fire app source, FreeKindleFireApps.net!