By | December 30, 2011
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MapQuest is one of the best free Kindle Fire apps for travel, maps, driving and directions a popular download from the AppStore directly to your Kindle Fire tablet.

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MapQuest – Features

  • Includes voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation: your device speaks to you, telling you where to go
  • Offers voice search capabilities; all you have to do is speak your destination or search parameters for hands-free input
  • Provides auto re-routing; if you make a wrong turn, MapQuest will automatically adjust your route to get to your destination
  • Choose to walk or drive, you will get the best route either way
  • Covers live traffic and incident reporting to help keep you on time–traffic coverage is updated every five minutes

MapQuest has been helping people find places, get maps and directions for over 40 years. And with MapQuest for Android, you can access the app anytime, anywhere.

So Much More Than Directions

There’s a reason why so many people rely on MapQuest. All you have to do is type in your starting and end address, and suddenly you get very accurate, turn-by-turn directions. But MapQuest offers so much more than just directions. You can plan your route, add stops to your trip, get detailed street maps of your destination, and find helpful services along the way, such as the lowest gas prices, the best hotels, even the best pizza. And now with MapQuest, you can take it anywhere you need to go.

Find the best places
Know Where You’re Going

There are so many ways to find the best route, plan a trip, or just get directions. MapQuest offers voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. All you have to do is say your destination, and MapQuest will tell you when to make a turn. There is no need for a GPS. This feature also works with your device’s contact list, so you can quickly receive driving directions to your friend’s house or business. And if you make a wrong turn, MapQuest will automatically update your current location and adjust your route to get you to your destination. There are also plenty of mapping options for you to choose from. You can view maps in either street or aerial view to get a detailed look at where you are going. There are also satellite views if you want even greater detail. And don’t worry about changing the map display, the map rotates in the orientation of your route–so your map is easier to read.

Turn-by-turn directions

If you are looking for the shortest route from point A to B, MapQuest’s Route Planner helps you find the fastest, easiest way to get to all the places you’re going. No more driving in circles or unnecessary backtracking. All you have to do is provide up to 26 locations and MapQuest will optimize your driving directions to save you time and gas money. This feature will save you miles of unnecessary driving. You can also filter out the routes you don’t want to take, including seasonal roads, toll roads, and highways. Why would you travel any other way?

Know as Much About the Area as Possible

MapQuest comes with the Place Map Toolbar; you can see hotels, museums, parks, ice cream, and even the nearest hospital. This toolbar feature shows you anything of interest once you reach your destination. And if you want to know more about each service, MapQuest provides CitySearch reviews. You can find exact driving directions, hours of operation, accepted payment types, and customer reviews. You can also save your favorite place settings and they will be there for you every time you perform a search, saving you time. And you can also save your own term to the toolbar – be it your daycare, or favorite department of vehicle location.

Walk or Drive

MapQuest offers walking and driving directions; you can choose either way, and MapQuest will provide you the best route. And if you are planning a walking tour of Rome or Prague, MapQuest offers international maps, so you can take it abroad. So go ahead and try it! There is no trial period, subscriptions, or upgrades to fill out–MapQuest is absolutely free. Go check it out!

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